Care of Night Blooming Cyrus Plants!

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I don't really have much info at this time on how to care for the night blooming cyrus plants but since people have been finding my web page I have decided to add this page.

Unless people object I will list their email address here so you can email other people who have Night Blooming Cyrus plants.

If I find out any more info on caring of them I will email you all.

Wish I could be of some help but I really don't know much about them!

And now for what little I know!

My Grandmother has had some for many years in N.J. The were kept indoors where there were lots of windows in the room so they got lots of sunlight - but not necessarily all that much direct sunlight.

My father then took some cuttings and by 1996 we had 5 different plants growing! This is when we had the spectacular blooms that I just had to tell about on my web page. As you probably know a search for "Night Blooming Cyrus" gets to my web page - how did they ever find it? (search engine robots are EVERYWHERE!).

We haven't been having much luck the last two years with only a few blooms. We haven't done anything different so I think our plants may have become root bound. Moderate sunlight, decent water is what we have been giving them all this time.


Debbie sent me an email which contained a link to

this gave me the latin name "Hylocereus undatus" and from there my search program "Copernic" return massive hits on this plant. The enclosed link to the search results include at least 2 stores which sell cacti and multiple other references. -> Search List

BUT!!! I found a link giving description and care of these plant! ->Excellent info

So go for it!

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